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Saturday, February 9, 2013

festive february

It goes without saying the December is a very popular time for parties in our family, what with Zara's birthday, Christmas and the holidays and then New Years! However, I am beginning to think December has nothing on the next few days in February: here are a few things that we are celebrating over the next few days (and I will be sure to share ideas and photos of our mini celebrations).

February 7th was "Fasnacht" here in Zug - which is part of the Carnival celebrations throughout the cantons of Switzerland over the coming week. All of the streets are decorated with flags, balloons, bunting and some pretty scary masks and figurines. There are huge parades, marching bands and everyone dresses up and throws confetti - not even the snowy weather puts a damper on the festivities. It all ties in with the festival you may be more familar with: Mardigras - see details below.

The traditional cake in our region looks like this - it is basically a very, very light dough that has been fried and covered with icing sugar. My friend Jen and I joke it is like cocaine because you can easy polish a whole cake without even blinking - it is that addictive.

PARTY TIP - Make your own confetti! Use coloured paper as well as old kiddies magazines/comics and punch out all different shapes with mini craft punches.

February 9th, today is Liam's birthday - so the girl's and I put together a little "birthday table of treats" in a particularly unique "The Tailor's Table" theme. This is because for the past four weekends Liam has dragged us along to the local tailor where he is having his Christmas gift of suits tailored and it is taking forever. Plus, we are slightly obsessed with the series SUITS.

February 10th, tomorrow is Chinese New Year and the year of the Snake, so I will be sure to share our dinner party plans and pics tomorrow, working on it today. We have some cool free printables here.

February 12th Mardigras/Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day - planning to make pancakes, so will be sure to snap a few pics of the "disasters" - and if you are keen on a Fat Tuesday New Orlean style party - here are some cool printables.

February 24th is Valentine's Day of course. Still not sure what I will actually do on the day, as I have already bought an orchid - a gift from me to me and Liam is getting a heart rate monitor as he lost his on his last business trip (clever idea, don't you think?). If you haven't seen these already you may want to do this "love hearts" theme and we just added some cute new tins to our Valentine's Day shop.

February 24th - is The Oscars - and so we will share ideas closer to the time, and in the interim check out these swanky free printables.

And I think that is all, what a month it is going to be! What plans do you have?


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