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Saturday, February 23, 2013

slumber party
Earlier this week, we shared our ideas for creating a fabulous, all girls’ night in over at the Nest Design blog and recommended some of our party accessories to help complete the look.

So why not plan a slumber party? If you have young-uns, they don’t have to miss out – just make it into a mock slumber party, and ask guests to come early in the morning or only for the evening in their favourite pj’s. Treat everyone to “breakfast”, fun activities that are decked out in dazzle and their favourite DVDs.

Sweet Dreams
Start off the excitement by inviting guests – girls only (no boys allowed!) with this free printable Sweet Dreams eye mask styled invitation. 

Comfy Cinema
Set up your lounge with quilts and blankets on the floor and ask guests to bring along their favourite duvet and pillow (a good excuse to get something new from Nest’s sleepover range). Decorate overhead with lots and lots of pink polka dot balloons. Make sure everyone has a good spot and can see the TV for late night viewing of classic rom-coms.

Pig Out
In your dining room area serve “breakfast” in the form of mini pancakes with berries and cream and mini cheese and ham quiches. But don’t forget some of the slumber party staples: popcorn covered with pink sprinkles, double thick chocolate ice cream and pink butter cream cupcakes.

Smoothie Station
Set up a variety of freshly cut up fruit, yoghurts, cream, ice etc. alongside your blender – and let everyone make their own smoothie complete with retro style paper straws!

Get Lippy
It is all fun and games with a new take on the traditional “Spin the Bottle” game… called “Spin the Lipstick”! Remove the lid of the Get Lippy Trivia Box and pick a stick – it will be a truth or a dare. What will be your fate? Will you have to spill the beans or do a funny dare?

Bracelet Buddies
How well do you know your best buddies? Do you know their favourite ice cream flavour? Find out when you play the Bracelet Buddies Game! Each correct guess means you add a gem to your bracelet – the first to fill their bracelet is the best bracelet buddy!

Style Me Pretty
Ask a friend or hire a manicurist or pedicurist to do the girls nails, and even their hair and makeup!

Designate an area of the room as a stage, (if you have a sleeper couch pull it out for the perfect opportunity for “jumping on the bed”), hire a karaoke machine/XBOX/Playstation Rockstar games and let the girls sing their hearts out. Have fun dressing up with feather boas, tiaras, and our Snap Happy Photo Booth props. Use a digital camera to take lots of photos of the girls, and be sure to email these all out the next day, so everyone can enjoy them!

For the Road
Use our “handbag” shaped favour bags and fill with hair accessories, bubble gum, sweets, lip gloss and other pink girlie things!

Remember the ultimate sleepover party is all about good fun, great friends and tasty food!

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